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Different Sensors In Galaxy S4, Eye Scrolling Software

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most Futuristic Smartphone Phone having Incredible and Unbeatable Sensor Technology in it moreover Galaxy S4 also comprised of Eye Scrolling software. By which the user can interface with the screen of Samsung Galaxy S4 by using just their Eyes. Eye scrolling software is also used to Scroll the web pages with the help of Eyes. So, to make Galaxy S4 as a most Fascinating Smartphone Samsung Introduces the latest Sensor Technology in Galaxy S4 with Eye Scrolling Software.

What Is The Sensor Technology or What Are Sensors:

Electronic Sensors are also known as Detector which is used to sense any of the Human Activity and they respond according to their to the principle of Operation having very high percentage of Sensitivity. There are Natural as well as Artificial Sensors ( mostly electronic) moreover today there are large variety of Artificial Sensors and they are widely used in Smartphones.

  • The Sensors Like “Gyrometer , Accelerometer , Magnetometer” are the standard Sensors which are used in a Standard Smartphones.
  • Although For Galaxy S4 ”The Life Companion”  Device Samsung Used an Incredible Sensor Technology just to raise the comfort level of  User like Gesture Sensor or Eye Scrolling Software.

For Explanation about the different sensors used in Smartphone Samsung galaxy S4  Samsung Reported an image of Samsung galaxy S4 which  include the all different types of  Sensors Used in the GALAXY S4 with their Locations.

Different Types of Sensors Used In Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone:

In Galaxy S4 Samsung Introduces 9 sensors just to make it as a Life Companion Device moreover to raise the comfort level of the user by easily making phone calls , recognition technology , Eye Scrolling Software etc.

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Sensors In Galaxy S4

Explanation of Each and Individual Sensor in Samsung Galaxy S4:

  •  Accelerometer Sensor Technology: Accelerometer Sensor Technology is being used in Samsung Galaxy S4 to measure the moments of the Smartphone.
  • RGB Sensor Technology: RGB “Red Green Blue” Sensor Technology is also adopted in Galaxy S4 just to optimise the Screen Resolution of Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.
  • Barometer Sensor Technology: Sensor Technology is also present in Galaxy S4 which is used to detect the atmospheric pressure of the location where the Smartphone is present.
  • Temperature And Humidity Sensor Technology: This Sensor is used in Galaxy S4 device to measure the Temperature and Humidity of the Surrounding Environment. So, it is another new addition in the Smartphone.
  • Geomagnetic Sensor In Galaxy S4: Geomagnetic Sensor is also a new feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone which is used to measure the Magnetic Field Intensity of the nearby region.
  • Gesture Sensor Technology in S4 Device: Gesture Sensor is Unbeatable Sensor Technology used in Galaxy S4 Smartphone for just to raise the comfort level of the user. By Help of the Gyro Sensor the user Can Operate Galaxy S4 Device or Scroll web pages of Gallery with the help of Hands by just Hovering His/her fingers on S4 Device.
  •  Gyro Sensor In Samsung S4 Device: Gyro Sensor is used to detect the Rotation of the Smartphone at any angle or at any Axis which is also a optimal feature present in s4 Smartphone.
  • Proximity Sensor Of in S4 Smartphone: This sensor is used with the help of IR radiations. This is just used to turn of the Screen light when it is closer to the User face. This sensor is very useful sensor by this sensor the Galaxy S4 device will be turned into a report of any Appliance. This feature will surely leads raise the standard of the Smartphone.
  • OCR Sensor Technology: It is the Optical Character Reader Technology used in S4 by which this device is able to Read or recognize Character from Text.

Quick Specs of Samsung Galaxy S4:

Since The Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone is very Efficient To its Battery because this device consists of AP i.e. Application Processor by which we can restrict any of the sensor So, it is very efficient among Battery Backup. Moreover It is very Slim in Size and having Full HD AMOLED Screen, Android.2.2 (jelly Bean) ,  13 Mega pixel Auto Focus Camera , with having 9 Sensors in it.

This feature with having latest technology makes Samsung Galaxy S4 as the most Brilliant, Fascinating and Incredible Smartphone of the world.

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